I am Feeny.

I take calls and dispatch EMS and police for a medium sized city. It’s hard and boring and crazy and I love it. I am a mom who works night shift and if you google that you may be led to believe there aren’t many of us but that can’t be true. I have a baby boy at home and a husband who thinks cups are dirty even if you’ve only used them for water.

I used to write on a blog like this and then the stories stopped coming easily and I pretended that if it took work it wasn’t worth it.  I tried to convince myself that just thinking the words was enough but as I get further and further into a job that is fact heavy I can feel wheels up there rusting.  It’s good for me to write.


The opinions expressed on my personal blog are mine alone.

My opinions most certainly do not represent the opinions or beliefs of anyone else, most especially my employer or any of my coworkers.

Please also keep in mind that while all work stories are based in truth, names and specific identifiers have been changed or omitted. Events are a made up of a thousand viewpoints and voices and these are just mine.