“911 what’s the address of your emergency?”

It’s true that sometimes when people call 911 it is in the heat of one of the worst moments in their life. Sometimes, it’s just in the heat of a moment they THINK is an emergency.

“I need an ambulance, I’m bleeding from my mouth.”

“Okay ma’am I have an ambulance started that way but I need to ask you some questions.  Did anything happen to make your mouth bleed?” (This is code. Were you hit? Do we need to send police as well? Do you have a bleeding disorder or something we need to take seriously?)

“No no, nothing! I was just brushing my teeth and when I spit out the whole sink is red. I need an ambulance!!”

“They are driving to you, they’ve been driving since we started talking. Now-”

“Oh…. oh my goodness…” She interrupts me, the pieces falling together for her. “Do you know what? (Oh my goodness I’m so embarrassed) I know what happened.”



“I, well, I was eating a cupcake earlier and it had red icing. Oh my goodness that’s what was in the sink. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m fine.”

I giggle as I hang up the phone and radio to the paramedics that they can cancel the call. I can imagine how embarrassed she was but for me? Those calls are the best.